Tuesday, 3 April 2012

April 3rd,handy tips

Morning all.

Today I thought I would do a brief post about the handy things I have and share some ideas on how to keep on enjoying your garden if you have a disability, back problem or any health issue really :)

Firstly a photo of my newly raised cold frame. My lovely husband, James put my cold frame up on large shelf brackets. My first idea for this was actually to reduce the risk of frost damage to my tender seedlings, but once it was up and I went to put everything back in I was amazed at how much easier it was! No bending right to the floor and having to drop the tray that last few inches :) Not a good idea as this has potential to damage my lovingly sown seeds. No more struggling to straighten up again. Wonderful. I can highly recommend making your cold frame higher, its a life saver, not only for your back but for your plants :)

I have also recently invested in a potting table. Which has a handy hole in the front so you can sweep away the left over compost into a bucket underneath, no waste. It is the perfect height to pot things on whilst sitting down, singing away to the radio. Absolute 80's radio for me. Again this reduces back and hip ache no end. Everything is to hand with no awkward twisting or bending. I could pot on here all day and that's saying something as I find it really hard to get comfortable and have to forever shift about. Being here sitting on my beautiful pink office chair is just about one of the best places to be. The chair is soft and comfy and can be adjusted to the perfect height, I can spin around if I need something behind me and wheel it away when I am finished. Brilliant. A simple yet perfect solution.

I hope you found this interesting. I am off to take more photos of all my useful tools and will be back.

Love from The Potting Shed


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