Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dec 2011

Hi Blog,

Well I really really must write more often but life just gets in the way!! Anyway just a real quickie to round off the year.

What an amazing season we had this year. Temperatures of 30 degrees on the last day of October!! Madness. Flowers still doing their thing now, 22nd Dec, photos to follow. :0

I have loved my garden this year and have taken many cuttings including the Ceonothus shrub only a few weeks ago that appear to be doing very nicely, in the kitchen I might add as I felt maybe the potting shed was a tad chilly. Speaking of the potting shed :) it is filled with cuttings that look really strong and healthy, the greenhouse is brimming and the new addition of a cold frame has proved the best place for the now quite large Echium :)

Well thats all for now,
Probably be back in the new year now, I will try and be more consistent then :)

Merry Christmas from the Potting Shed