Tuesday, 27 March 2012

27th March

The weather just keeps on getting better. 18.5 yesterday, nearly 20 today. Such amazing sunshine for this time of year. With a hosepipe ban around the corner we really could use a little more rain though, just a little.The weather for the end of March has been truly spectacular. As they say, "in like a lion, out like a lamb" and so it would appear to be very lamb like.

My greenhouse is bursting at the seams. 70 plus Petunias, 120 or so Geraniums, several different varieties of Tomatoes, including Alicante, Roma and Moneymaker. 40 or more Aquilegia mixed and pure white. Some Trailing lobelia in shades of blue aswell as 20 Gazanias and 40 or so Aster, both single and double head flowers.

Saturday and Sunday were spent sowing yet more seeds, I have many spaces to fill. Well in my head I think I have many spaces to fill :) I hope my fences are elastic and then everything should just fit in. I decided on a new variety of Sunflower this year called Earthwalker, they are shades of bronze and chocolate so should add a bit of height and interest, I also sowed my favourite Cosmos Sea shell and Sarah Ravens white species, along with some Brachycome, some were from free seeds on a garden magazine and other's were from Granny P's garden. I wonder which ones will appear first.
This photograph of these two happy Goldfinches has to be included as I have waited ages to get a good shot ( in my opinion) of these stunning birds. They stayed on the feeder for a good ten minutes flinging Nyger seeds all over the place. Such a wonderful sight.

Anyway I must go and make the most of the sunshine, which will probably involve the garden swing and quick nap :)

happy gardening

Thursday, 22 March 2012

March 2012

March so far has been very busy. New tulips,johan strauss have flowered and they are truly stunning. I just love the way the edges curl outwards to reveal the bright yellow stemen. Lovely. My new greenhouse has arrived and once the blue air had cleared, my lovely hubby had one heck of a job putting it up! It is now full of flower seedlings, bulbs, and tomato and pepper seedlings.
The march weather has been a mish mash so far. Sleat and snow in the first week, bright sunshine, to frost this morning , 22 march. This just shows you that you need to hang on
and be patient and keep those tender plants under cover for a few more weeks.
Once last comment for today, i have begun my alpine garden. With the weather warming up or so we are told i thought i would trial some plants that grow in dryer climates. I'll keep you posted.
Happy gardening nx

Friday, 16 March 2012

Spring… A time for action

Spring… A time for action

Well here is my first article. I hope to one day be published in a garden magazine and getting paid would be lovely, but you have to start somewhere :) April is the next instalment. Not absolutely sure what it will entail as yet but I'm sure I will be inspired soon :) I am trialing a few new things this year so they may well be included.

Happy gardening Nx