Thursday, 22 March 2012

March 2012

March so far has been very busy. New tulips,johan strauss have flowered and they are truly stunning. I just love the way the edges curl outwards to reveal the bright yellow stemen. Lovely. My new greenhouse has arrived and once the blue air had cleared, my lovely hubby had one heck of a job putting it up! It is now full of flower seedlings, bulbs, and tomato and pepper seedlings.
The march weather has been a mish mash so far. Sleat and snow in the first week, bright sunshine, to frost this morning , 22 march. This just shows you that you need to hang on
and be patient and keep those tender plants under cover for a few more weeks.
Once last comment for today, i have begun my alpine garden. With the weather warming up or so we are told i thought i would trial some plants that grow in dryer climates. I'll keep you posted.
Happy gardening nx

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