Monday, 6 February 2012

Feb 2012 snow

So here we are February already!! How time flies. The first snow of the year arrived over night and Sunday was very white outside. We had about 4 inches of snow and Alfie jumped on the grass and disappeared up to his tummy,silly boy.

On a good note my new indoor propagator is working brilliantly and the seeds that I planted only last weekend have come up already. Two varieties of tomato, Alicante and Money Maker are doing really well and I am hoping for a huge crop this year. the Cosmos have also sprouted well from the seeds that James gathered last year! How exciting,we have never grown anything from our own seeds before so we are both looking forward to seeing how well this works. Free flowers!! Yippee :) The other seeds that we collected from our snapdragons are also trying hard but they are very tiny. I am sure they will come up trumps though. On looking today I also noticed the beginnings of the peppers growing too so it's all going on.

I am really hoping that the weather improves so I can get back in the Potting Shed which I am missing so much mind you it is meant to drop to minus 7 by Wednesday,brrrrr.

Right I need a cuppa. Photos of the snow and seeds will follow.

Happy growing

Niki x


  1. Hello Wifey! Doing .this from my Mini xxx

  2. Hello Wifey! Doing .this from my Mini xxx

  3. Hello Wifey! Doing .this from my Mini xxx